Short Term Rental Occupancy Limits

South Lake Tahoe staff will use discretion in enforcing the new maximum occupancy limits for previous short term rental reservations.  The new requirement limits occupancy to two people per bedroom with a maximum of 12 people total.  Responsible guests who do not violate other VHR regulations by causing neighborhood disturbances will get a pass for now.  City staff will continue this enforcement approach on a trial basis in the coming weeks and will adjust the enforcement strategy as needed in the future.

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Short Term Rental Options

Now that Measure T has passed, where can you purchase a home for short term rental possibilities?  Besides the Douglas County, NV Tahoe region you also have the El Dorado county area of Lake Tahoe.  Within the South Lake Tahoe city limits you have the Lakeland Village condominium-hotel community and the Stateline area near downtown too.

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Measure T: Final Count – Passed

Regarding short term vacation rentals at South Lake Tahoe, 3459 voters voted against the measure, 3517 voted for it, a difference of 58. Out of those who voted on the whole ballot, 148 voters didn’t vote either way (or voted both yes and no) on Measure T.  Those with permits outside of the Tourist Core (Stateline area/Lakeland Village) will have their permits expire in 3 years or when their property sales – whichever is sooner.

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Measure T Passes

A ballot Measure banning all vacation home rentals in South Lake Tahoe residential areas appears on its way to passing.  The tally on Measure T stands at 3,517 “yes” votes (50.42 percent) and 3,458 “no” votes (49.58 percent).

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Douglas County News

Douglas County hired Host Compliance to understand the impact of short term rentals on the community.  I attended the County Commissioners meeting on Thursday and the District Attorney’s office was also there to gather information from the Commissioners on how to proceed.  A recent short term rental survey was found to have loop holes offering unlimited voting.  There was no way to restrict votes from anywhere for that matter.  Short term rental issues will not be addressed further until more information is gathered and our new Commissioners sworn in.

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