Homeowners Insurance

I attended an informative question & answer session today provided by an insurance agent.  Whether you own a home or not this information may be useful in the future, or worth checking further with your own insurance company.  1) Get an insurance quote while in escrow during the inspection period.  Insurance rates have increased recently.  2) Considering a total remodel of your home?  Ask whether a Builders Construction Policy is needed which covers you in case of negligence by the builder (contractor).  3) Take photos of your personal items, belongings or house upgrades.  Give them to a friend for safe keeping in case of fire.  4) Make sure your handyman or contractor has liability insurance and is bonded in case of fire or damage to your home.  Your insurance company may not reimburse you for your losses.   

Posted on March 19, 2019 at 3:41 pm
Robert Stiles | Category: Carson Valley

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